Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The girls are always right!

I keep being told by the better half that she is always right!! I do admit maybe 70-90% of the time she is right!!

This has been proved this week, yes, you know I'm referring to a certain lady, on the right wing wearing black, with a yellow and orange flag in her hand!!

Let's be frank, what difference should it make regardless of age, sex, race or colour! If you good enough then you are good enough, regardless of who you are!!!!!

Some of the best referees are in pool, snooker and tennis, so why shouldn't ladies officiate football!!

I was delighted when after 50 camera angles later her decision was found to be perfect! It's good to see woman interested in football, it's good for the game balancing up a sport which has historically been male dominated for centuries.

This just leaves me to concentrate explaining the offside rule to my better half!!
I can recall our second date, using the salt and pepper as the last defender and goalie, vinegar as the striker, and the fork was Paul Scholes playing the through ball.

These days the rules are so complicated for officials you now need the next tables condiments to take into account players interfering and not interfering with play!!!

You see it's not an easy task, even at the dining table, therefore we should be delighted all walks of life are happy endure the torture of officiating our beautiful game!!

Keep the ladies interested in football and long may it continue!!!

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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Cash isn't always king

It is no lie that somethings money cannot buy, and it is also true that a particularly large financial institution believes that for all the other things in life there is a certain flexible friend!!

This aside, our beautiful game is slowly turning into a ridiculous financial melt down!

Clubs are now being propped up by oil tycoons, and financial instruments!! And believe me these sort do not play God Save The Queen in c major!

Plucky Blackpool spent I dunno £6.50 ish on their team and win games from packing their team with desire, determination and often having 9 players in the opposition penalty box at any one time!!

Why is any of this worth the data storage area it's stored on I hear you cry? Well the fact is, Dave and Co. will not bailout our childhood teams should they need financial support like our banks, then our beautiful game will be liquidated and gone forever!!

Let's do it Blackpool's way, a £50 quid team with more balls than a vasectomy waiting room, producing honest hardworking gutsy footballing prowess for today and tomorrow!!!!

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Monday, 17 January 2011

My first blog

I'm lying in bed, deciding I should make a start! Been an indifferent start to the year, but mainly very very positive.

I'm slowly becoming an accountant (having passed 2 more of my exams), back playing football, shoulder practically fixed (with huge thanks and the endless amount patience and expertise of Ms Greenley) and bizarrely becoming a fan of Blackpool football club!! Holloway is a legend!!

My home town team Shrewsbury Town at the moment can't hit a barn door with a machine gun, loads of folk shouting for the managers head, which is ridiculous, and Poor Sharpie lost teeth this week!! GT is a legend and have every confidence that he will come good, we should believe not criticise!!!

My culinary skills are improving, tonight a made a curry from left over Sunday joint, an 8p can of Tesco curry served with a side order of Uncle Bens 2 mins and a ding later rice!!

Im a little careful with my cash, years ago I was so hard up in order to double the value of my car I would fill it full of petrol!!

However, need to perfect the chilli as my best mates better half is quite the culinary queen. Marisa (who incidentally, shares a birthday with the love of my life) can turn the simple Tesco Grocery order into a 17 course banquet fit for heads of state. Sometime soon I shall be cooking for the four of us, so stakes are high and the gauntlet has been firmly laid down!!!

So the 17th day of my 31st year has been ok, a minor plumbing issue has required me to have the day off work today but I'm hoping all the olives, elbows and compression joints are firmly now in order and tomorrow I shall be back at the helm as the assistant part qualified chartered bean counter!! (Being over 50% the way there I feel I can now say that!!!).

I'm now looking forward to believing that should I be so unfortunate to fall into a bucket of boobs that I would end up finding something much more exciting to suck than my thumb!!!

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